Nainarkulam Tirunelveli

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Nainarkulam Tirunelveli

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About Waterbody

A beautiful lake located at the heart of Tirunelveli Town is surrounded by serene and dense trees on the western bank and lush paddy fields on the eastern side. The lake is more than 360 years old and was possibly dug after 1653 AD (Kollam828) during the rule of AlagappaMudaliyar,the lake was donated by Sri NainarChettiyar of Tenkasi. Serene Nainarkulam is the one-stop location to enjoy the beauty of Tirunelveli,Nellaiappar Temple with the Western Ghats as its background. On the southwestern bank, the lake has an inlet fed by TirunelveliKaalvai and outlets at Northeastern bank to fields &Allikulam of Thatchanallur and Southeastern bank to Thamaraikulam (which is now turned as a barren land and needs immediate attention of nature lovers) & fields on the way to Kurukuthurai. Apart from the above outlet the lake also feeds the Nellaiappar Temple pond "Chandra Theertham" (VeliTheppam) through an underground aqueduct. The old Illuppai (Mahua) ,NeerMaruthu (Arjuna) and Panaimaram(Palmyrah)trees on the western bank of the tank provide nesting habitat for Oriental Darter and Grey Heron.

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Tirunelveli (Tirunelveli)

  • Block Tirunelveli Corporation
  • Section Tirunelveli Channel Section
  • Basin Thambrabarani
  • Division Tamirabarani Basin Division, Tirunelveli
  • Sub Division Thamiraparani Basin Sub Division,Tirunelveli
  • Circle Tamirabarani Basin Circle, Tirunelveli

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