Namma Oor. Namma Neer.

An intensive Public-private collaborative effort to restore & rejuvenate the Waterbodies in the District.
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Nellai Digital Water Atlas

First of its kind initiative, "Nellai Digital Water Atlas" to document and map all the Waterbodies in the District.
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Restoration and Rejuvenation of Wetlands

Comprehensive & collaborative approach with the active support of public and volunteer organizations.
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Thooya Porunai Nellaiku Perumai

An initiative to discover and restore the delights of the river Tamiraparani.
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Nellai Tree Mapping

An initiative by Tirunelveli District Green Committee to survey and document the traditional trees in the district
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Disaster Management

In case of water logging identified in any part of Tirunelveli District kindly submit the details here. This will enable the District Administration to take immediate action and identify permanent solutions to avoid the same in future.

Nellai NeerValam: About this Mission

What Who and How ?

"Neerindri Amayathu Ulagu - When water fails, functions of nature cease " – Thiruvalluvar. As per the saying, this is a time when every citizen needs to be aware of the importance of restoring and conserving water resources. “Nellai Neervalam" is an attempt to revitalize and conserve the water resources of the Tirunelveli district, which is largely dependent on agriculture.

Pothigai hills or Agasthyamalai is a great treasure for southern Tamil Nadu. River Tamiraparani is one of the few perennial rivers of Tamil Nadu that originates from the hills and symbolizes a rich culture, unique biodiversity, and overall human wellbeing. With time an irrigation system was established that connected Tamiraparani with several irrigation tanks and transformed the semi-arid region of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts into a rice bowl and banana basket of southern Tamil Nadu. These wetlands support a large number of waterbirds and diverse aquatic flora and fauna apart from providing livelihood options.

On this United Nations Decade (2021-2030) on Ecosystem Restoration the district administration with the support of voluntary organizations, the public, and students initiating Nellai NeerValam to restore the river Tamiraparani, its tributaries, and the 1200+ irrigation tanks in the district. We invite interested volunteers, students, and voluntary organizations to participate in the following programs

1. Nellai Digital Water Atlas
2. Restoration & Rejuvenation
3. Trails of Tamiraparani

Nellai Digital Water Atlas

Digital Water Atlas of Tirunelveli WaterBodies

The Digital Water Atlas initiative aims at documenting and mapping all water bodies in the district. It shall serve as a repository of information about the water bodies for effective implementation of various projects as well as further research. This has been designed to help meet the needs of the administration by providing a network of multiple stakeholders in water resource management

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Nellai Water Resources


Restoration and Rejuvenation of Wetlands

Nellai NeerValam : Ongoing Projects

The restoration and rejuvenation of water bodies can be accomplished by a comprehensive and collaborative approach with an objective to set up a self-sustaining rejuvenation model. This shall involve volunteering and citizen participation to restore, rejuvenate and rehabilitate water bodies to ensure civic health, provide recreation, improve tourism, meet drinking water-needs of local people etc. Regular activities such as citizen driven cleaning of water bodies, biodiversity mapping, CSR activities shall also be taken up in coordination with the local bodies.

Project Outcome

Journey from Struggles to Success

Details of significant benefits achieved through the Nellai Neervalam initiative are shared here.

Hanuman River Project

Tanks benefitted: 49
Area Covered: 36 Km long
Volunteers Registered: 89
Action taken: Desilted & Encroachments cleared

Outcome: 49 tanks overflowed after 30 years

Pettai Mullikulam

Irrigation Area: 79.07
Catchment Area: 0.26 S.Km
Volunteers Registered: 62
Action Taken: Desilted & Encroachments Cleared

Outcome: The tank is 100% full. 300 tons of waste has been removed and the entire waterbody is fully fenced and protected

Udayarpattikulam, Tirunelveli

Irrigation Area: 27.96
Catchment Area: 0.312 S.Km
Volunteers Registered: 45
Action Taken: Desilted, Water Hyacinth removed and Fully Fenced.

Outcome: 450 tons of Water Hyacinths, Solid wastes are removed. Entire waterbody is completely fenced and protected to prevent further pollution

Idinthagarai, Radhapuram

Tanks benefitted: -
Area Covered: -
Volunteers Registered: 55
Action taken: Desilted & Encroachments cleared

Outcome: The dredging and repair work has been completed and measures have been taken to prevent seawater intrusion

Tree Mapping

No of Trees : 2787
Tree Species: 80
No. of Temples: 124
Volunteers Registered: 770
Action Taken: An Android app was developed for this mapping purpose and with the support of volunteers, Native trees at the Public places and temples have been mapped with the geospatial details.

Outcome: Complete details of 2787 trees have been collected along with the geospatial codes

Tree Plantation

Total Trees Planted: 5769
No. of Locations: 102
Volunteers Registered: 100
Action Taken: Tree plantation camps were conducted in various areas to create awareness among school and college students, general public and volunteers.

Outcome: 5769 Trees are planted and maintained

Highlights of the Tamiraparani River

Tamiraparani is the only river in Tamilnadu that has constant stream throughout the year. The river is rich in lore and is a bio-diversity hotspot with more than 600+ species of Fishes, 50+ flora and 200+ Fauna

Thooya Porunai Nellaiku Perumai

What Who and How ?

This initiative intends to create a committed volunteering network with active participation from student volunteers and citizens residing along the banks of river Tamiraparani. They will also serve the District Administration as First Responders during natural disasters such as floods. This network shall also collaborate in documenting the local cultural and traditional knowledge with the objective to develop the People's Bio-diversity Register (PBR) as envisaged under the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

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Diversity of Tree Species

The Tirunelveli district which encompasses the Tamiraparani River, and countless wetlands and sprawls till the crest of Agasthyamalai is a place of great natural beauty. Many of the district’s heritage trees traces their association with the reign of Nayaka Queen, Mangammal and are several hundreds of years old.

Nellai Tree Mapping

Count the Trees

Tamil Nadu Government’s Environment, Climate Change and Forest Department issued a G.O. (G.O.Ms. No: 39 dated 2 July 2021) for constitution of Green Committee at district levels to regulate the tree cutting and to take up the tree planting activities in public lands and public spaces. The Tirunelveli District Green Committee has been formed under the Chairmanship of District Collector and District Forest Officer as a Member Secretary with 15 members from various Government Departments and NGOs. The first meeting of Tirunelveli Green Committee was held at District Collectorate on 9th August 2021 and discussed various aspects on tree conservation and improving green cover of the district. Mapping trees in public places is one of the agenda discussed in the meeting.

The Tirunelveli district administration, Tamil Nadu Forest Department, Tirunelveli division along with ATREE’s Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre (ACCC), Manimutharu, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and Nellai Nature Club, Tirunelveli will conduct the Nellai Tree – Mapping exercise on 8th September 2021. The volunteers will be trained to do tree survey through digital platform by using Android mobile phone. The training workshop will be held at District Science Centre, Tirunelveli on 8th September 2021 between 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. As a first phase the volunteers will do the surveys in Temple Nandavanams in the district in the following days. The tree mapping exercise will be carried out in all other public lands and offices in successive phases. The data about the trees including the health status will be updated in NellaiNeerValam website.


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How can you Contribute

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Here are some of the ways you can be a part of this wonderful project

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    Cleaning & Restoration

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    Water Ecosystem Monitoring

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    Education & Awareness

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    Nellai Tree Mapping

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    Tree Plantation

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    Sapling Donation

Collaborating Institutions

Given below is the list of collaborating agencies who are contributing or committed to contribute significantly to this project